Pinterest is a dangerous place. Once you see some DIY project you love, it gets stuck in your brain and at some time you must end up doing it.
This happened to me, let’s say a couple of times. This time it was the door that was turned into a picture frame.

Easter Season is another time of the year to show off your artsy skills or try something new to make your home even prettier. But what to do, if you are not very artsy-crafty?
I have a very easy, fast and inexpensive way to create beautiful Easter Eggs that will fill up your basket in no time.

We were overwhelmed with your interest in our printable calendar for 2016!!! 
It seems like it was yesterday! But another year is almost here.
For all of you that would like to start marking events, plans and resolutions for 2017 here it is:
Enjoy your planning!
MiniOwls Team
Can’t wait for 2016 Black Friday deals? Wait no more! In order to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend in peace we have the best deals of the year right now:

I believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home and should be well organized. An organized kitchen allows you to cook more efficiently, clean up quickly and find everything you need instantly.

In part 1 of this little series ‘Tame the Mess with Chalkboard Labels. Part 1 - Toddler Room’ - I told you about my newest fascination: Organizing with Chalkboard Labels. These little things are simply the best… 

I can’t stop walking around the house and organizing room after room.

It’s kitchen time!

I already have written a guide on how to restore a dining table, now it’s time to show you how to refresh chairs in 10 easy steps, so you can finally host a great dinner party. 
Just like in the case of a table, a chair renovation can be done by anybody as long as you are patient and you have some spare time on your hands. Simply follow these 10 steps bellow:

In many of our posts we have offered free of charge, handy, printable organizers. From countless customer feedback we understand that sometimes it was hard to find the one that you were interested in and you would like to see them in one spot.
So here they are :)

We already wrote a post with “21 ways of having Halloween fun with 'bun in the oven'...”, we also wrote a blog about “Homemade Halloween costumes for kids”. And now we would like to help out all new mamas out there (CONGRATS by the way!).
We know that your bundle of joy has changed your life drastically. We understand that you have not slept well for a while, and your house is a spooky mess. Without a costume on, you probably scare your neighbors on daily basis. Don’t use these reasons as an excuse to skip this year’s Halloween Party. Take a look at these ideas as they will give you some inspiration and energy to use your little one as the perfect costume prop and to join your friend’s Halloween fun.

Now that you are pregnant, (CONGRATS!) it does not mean that your Halloween Parties are over. There are tons of fun and creative ideas that you can use and your belly will be the center of attention.
Here are some ideas we have found that can help you come up with a Halloween Costume that will have everyone talking about your ‘bun in the oven’. Most ideas are DIY fast and easy projects that you can prep with very few props.