We were overwhelmed with your interest in our printable calendar for 2016!!! 
It seems like it was yesterday! But another year is almost here.
For all of you that would like to start marking events, plans and resolutions for 2017 here it is:
Enjoy your planning!
MiniOwls Team
In many of our posts we have offered free of charge, handy, printable organizers. From countless customer feedback we understand that sometimes it was hard to find the one that you were interested in and you would like to see them in one spot.
So here they are :)

Since Maya has been 18 months, our home has become one big art studio. Not that it hasn't been before, because my preteen Olivia has been experimenting with different arts & crafts for years. However, now it bothers me more as the amount of art exhibits doubles every day, and the amount of time I have to clean up after every explosion of inspiration brings me anxiety and stress. With that I found myself sitting more and more with my girls and joining them in their coloring, painting or tracing projects. I cherish these moments as relaxing and quiet bonding times. Being an OCD cleaner and de-clatterer when it comes to our living space, I noticed it didn’t bother me as much to have all the mess around as we are coloring and creating an art masterpiece. And that is why I researched the benefits of coloring for adults, kids and teens.  

I believe that a “calendar” is the most important tool when it comes to organizing. And what could be better than free printable version of it.

Even though there is plenty of printable calendars online, it looks like mine 2015, vertical version of it, was very popular among you guys so I have decided to make another one for this upcoming year.

Once again I kept it in black and white tones so it will be easy on the printer ink. 

If you’re looking for a pretty but simple printable calendar for 2016 then this one is for you!

Simply click the photo below & download it!