“Wow – your clothes are so organized” I heard from those who had a chance to see my or my children’s closets. They are very surprised when I tell them that this look is accomplished with just few simple tricks and not with many hours of cleaning.
To see a huge difference you don’t have to introduce all of these tricks right away – start with one or few at the time and I promise that you will see a great improvement. 

Tip #1: get matching hangers

Simply replace the hangers in your closet. They don’t have to be fancy & expensive but all of them HAVE TO be exactly: the same color, the same shape, the same everything. Do not make exception – don’t leave even one old hanger behind and you will see marvels results.

Tip #2: categorize 

Hang alike items beside each other. I’m not talking about the color – yes of course this would make your closet even more spank and span but who has time for that. I am talking about hanging tank tops with tank tops, t-shirts with t-shirts, long sleeves with longs sleeves, hoodies with hoodies, sweaters with sweaters etc. This will make your closet not only optically more organized but also will make it easier to find what you are looking for. 

Tip #3: use closet extender

I have purchased those at first for kids’ closets as I couldn’t stand the waste of space below the main rack. Now I have them in every wardrobe in the house. I love how easily they double the amount of usable space. Additional amount of space allows to hang more cloths and helps categorize them: for example you can hang long sleeves on top & short sleeves at the bottom etc. 

Tip # 4: use shelf divider

My newest finds are shelf dividers. I have started using them recently – love them but unfortunately they are a little bit pricey. Pricey but perfect for long shelves where there is a problem with piles of clothes falling one on top the other. These see-through little things make a perfect separator which seamlessly holds piles of clothes together. 

Tip #5: use closet organizers

Babies grow so fast so we tend to buy, or receive as a gifts, clothes for them in many different sizes.  I had to be 10 years wiser to learn this simple trick to organize my baby’s clothes. This time around I am using hand made little closet dividers which keep those outfits sorted by the size. No more forgotten beautiful attires that are found only to learn that they are too small already. 

Tip #6: fold clothes in a drawer vertically

I think I couldn’t finish the subject of clothes organization without this clever idea: fold clothes in the drawer vertically. Whoever thought about it first is an organizational genius. From the moment I have learned about this little hack, I am folding all the clothes in my drawers the way that helps me to stack them vertically and this allows to see what is available and makes it all accessible. It works greatly, in my home, on both children’s and adults’ garments.


19/11/2015 12:46

Thank you for sharing this post with us, I am working in Uma and Leopold as a Fashion Designer. You are connected to and affected by your stuff, especially the things closest to you. If the space you live in is small, your closet is very close to you and you are really affected by it. Getting a little more philosophical, your closet itself is a small room or cabinet where you store your things.

30/12/2015 02:45

Very nice tip to carry our dress in wardrobe in a better way.thanks for share this with us i am really glad to be here.


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