As you may know already, children can be very persistent. My daughter Olivia asked me probably a million times for a chalkboard wall in her room. She heard a big “NO” as an answer with two reasons behind it: 
#1 chalk makes a lot of dust, and chalk powder all over the floor would drive me crazy; 
#2 big, black piece of wall doesn’t fit into my imagination of a young girl’s bedroom which should be nice and pretty.
As smart as Olivia is - one day she found a solution to problem #1 - the dust. She presented me with an idea of a “chalk marker”.Now there was only one reason why she couldn’t have it. I have to admit, it was very clever of her as she knew that her creative mother, will come up with a solution on how to make and ugly looking square box to look nice and pretty. It was only a matter of time. And this day has come. 
Believe it or not I found an inspiration in this idea:
Now I had to transform my vision into reality. I thought that it would be a great surprise for her when she comes back home from a three weeks long, scout camp.
I didn’t have much time to spare so I’ve started this project with finding some online images of butterflies that I liked and I could use.
I have created a word document to see if the whole concept could work.
It looked like a good idea, so it was time to begin.  
First I made my butterfly stencils.  
Then to mark ‘chalk to be’ area - I have placed on the wall previously cut out stencil and painters tape. 
To create a feeling of butterflies flying off the wall (at least that was what I was hoping to accomplish) I have cut out some butterflies on a painters tape and added them on the wall beside the stencil. 
I wanted to include Olivia’s name as part of design – but while working on the project I have decided to replace it with an inspirational quote. I found few that I liked a lot:

I couldn’t decide which one would be the best choice. So I asked my friends on Facebook for advice and this way Quote #1 was chosen. I wanted the sign to be imprinted in to chalk wall, so I made it on the painters tape. 
The hardest part was placing it straight on the wall.
Next step was to apply the chalkboard paint.
Removing of painters tape was a little bit difficult but it was all worth it at the end. I have in front of me the best looking chalkboard wall ever.
Take a closer look. 
Do you think Olivia will like it as much as I do?


Aunt M
28/07/2015 22:48

WOW, amazing. Great job. Just perfect for a pre teen.

04/08/2015 20:39

Thank you. I'm glad that you like it.

29/07/2015 10:28

Awesome idea, excellent execution...BRAVO!!!

04/08/2015 20:42

Thank you. I'm happy that you enjoyed it.


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