I have always dreamed of a place that is the hub for my family's activity and daily life, so we can be more in control of what, when & where is happening. Of course when I say “we” I mean “I” as other members of my family don’t care about it as much as I do.
When I came across the idea of a “command center” in the kitchen, I was sure I wanted one. And I wanted one really bad! Like every new project I started this one with some research. My friend “Pinterest” came along and helped me out by selecting some ideas and pointers to what I may like.
Here are some of command centers that were my inspiration. Each of them gave me an idea for at least one great key element of my own DIY family organizer. Have a look and maybe you can find an inspiration too.

1. White - do it all in white. 
I love how nice and clean this looks or maybe my affection has something to do with this owl sitting on the shelf – whooo knows.

2. Decorative cork board.
Simply perfect. If you don’t mind spending big bucks the - the "Pottery Barn" is THE solution.

3. Family photos for personal touch.
This warm yellow & white color combination makes me feel nice and warm – perfect for any family.

4. Interesting key hanger.
Also ingenious idea to include clipboards as a part of display.

5. Letter or some other interesting shaped item.
Inspirational signs are a great & hip decorative displays also a neat filler for those hard to reach places.

6. White clipboards to hold printouts and other documents. 
Perfect design for small, thin space. 

7. Mason jar as a pencil holder.
Brilliant idea to keep pencil holder high enough so that kids won’t kidnap them.

8.  Chalk board for kids.
Genius idea, while making wall organizer, to put a chalk board for kids on the lower part of the wall.

Did any of these command centers inspire you? Let me know, which one is your favorite one. If you need to search for some more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board “Command Center” – maybe, you can find there some motivation and you will create greatest family command center yet. If you do, I would love to see some photos of it.

Now, that my research is done I am off to collect all those needed pieces. I’m so excited and cannot wait to show you my findings. 

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