I think now we are into a third week of a Command Center Project. Of course having kids around makes everything go so much slower than we would like to, especially when your little ones need more attention or quality time. Because of that we have to limit how much time we spend on a home’s projects.
Also not sure if I shared with you already or not, a fact that our home is a condominium – where noise control act prevents us from making too much uproar after 6 pm and this is another speed limitation. To share even more of my dirty secrets – I will tell you where all the heavy duty work is done. As we lack garage – believe me or not my hubby took over our enclosed balcony and claimed it as his workshop. He says that it is only for a limited time - until all home renovations and projects are done, but knowing the two of us – guess what – I will never have a nice, clean and relaxing balcony.  I guess I have to sacrifice one place in my home for all other rooms to look good. 
Here it is: Our dirty little secret.

Looks like I went a little bit off the subject. Let’s get back to the command center.
When I bought and prepared all the pieces for command center I was hoping that hanging it, it will be the easiest part of the project. Oh, how much I was wrong. Thank goodness I know a little handy trick to help me with that. I will post one day step by step on how to perfectly hang multiple pieces on the wall without destroying the walls. But for now I will not go too much into the details about it because I know you are too excited to finally see my finished project. OK, maybe you are not that exited but I definitely am.
To see what will look best where, I laid dawn on the floor all pieces as I was collecting them. I moved them around back and forth to see which layout looks best. I think, I did it a hundred times and I am so glad I did.
 Thanks to that I found the perfect layout without destroying my walls.
And now is time for BIG ta da!!!
Here it is. 
My command center.
 Perfect  family organizer.
It seems like it took me forever from the time I got an idea of doing it to the time I could start using it. But all this hard work definitely payed off. I have a great organizational space in my kitchen which doubles up as a decorative piece. I have the best of both worlds.



18/07/2015 04:39

LOOKS GORGEOUS! What a great way to keep things neat at home, and to help plan out the busy family agenda. Love the chalk board and magnets at the bottom ;-) So child friendly.

18/07/2015 10:42

Thank you Joanna I'm glad you like it :)

01/01/2016 19:09

Can you tell me where you got the wooden wall pockets?

02/01/2016 00:02

Hi Erica.
I found those wooden pockets at Marshals. You can also find similar one at Pottery Barn: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/daily-system-black/?cm_src=AutoSchRel

To see where I got all the pieces for my command center follow this link: http://miniowls.com/1/post/2015/07/family-command-center-the-hunt-for-perfect-pieces-on-a-budg

Good luck in your search.

02/01/2016 18:42

Thank you

19/01/2016 07:59

I particularly love your pin board with the world map. How did you make that?

19/01/2016 18:50

Hi Jessica. I'm so happy that you appreciate my pin board. It would be so hard to describe how I made it in few words. I promise to write a post about it in near future. When I do I will definitely let you know.
Have a great day

28/01/2016 14:20

Jessica, as per your request the post on "How to change and old corkboard in to a masterpiece" is finally up. You can see it by clicking following link:
I hope you will like it.

05/03/2016 01:49

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I must say you congrats your that family command center completion. Have a great fun with your friends and family over there. Hope, now you will be also full filling your thoughts and dreams which you and your family is making about this center.

20/06/2016 16:51

I'm very inspired by your board. I'm looking to create one for our house soon. Can I ask you where you got your Framed Chalkboard with letter magnet? I would love to include one of these in my command center.

21/06/2016 09:55

Hi Cindy. I'm glad that you like it :) I think a little piece from my other post will answer your question the best:

"We had an old unused Ikea easel board somewhere in the house, so we decided to bring new life to it. This time, it was more than a little makeover. We (saying "we" I mean he – my husband) made two boards out of it. The chalk board part of the set was used for Maya. We have added white metal piece and framed it all together - so we can have surface for her magnetic alphabet"

You can read more about all the pieces included in the board here:http://miniowls.com/1/post/2015/07/family-command-center-the-hunt-for-perfect-pieces-on-a-budget.html

Hope this helps and Good luck on your board.


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