Time is definitely flying. I can’t believe that it has been 2 years already, since we prepared Maya’s Nursery. It seems to be so long ago, but at the same time feels like it was just yesterday. I still remember my excitement when choosing every little item that would match my imagination of a perfect pink and gray room.
I wish I would have more pictures made while renovating and decorating this room to be able to show the progress. But I wasn’t thinking then, that one day, I will try to share my story with you.
I’m not sure if I told you that yet, but we have purchased our home from an older lady that didn’t renovate for a very long time. The easiest way to describe the character of this home would be calling it “grandma looking”. Maya’s nursery was the first room in the house that was totally finished. (Hence, the other ones are still in working progress). 
Here is a photo of the room before renovations started.
 As you can see – not too baby friendly. 
The first step we approached was closing the second entrance to the room. There were two doors - you could enter the room from the hallway and from the kitchen. So we have decided to close the kitchen entrance for good.
When that was done, it was time to choose the paint color – I knew that I wanted gray walls – but oh gosh!!! I didn’t think that gray comes in so many shades. Finally we decided on one and went with it. It turned out that this was a perfect choice – the color turned out to be nice and warm. I wish to have written down the swatch of the color that we used, to be able to share it with you. I tried recently to match it up with some paint swatches for a friend’s nursery – and HDC-NT-27A Soft Pebble by Behr, was the closest match we could find.
Then, it was the choosing furniture time. Happily, the white crib was passed it down by a friend; this saved us some money and also gave an idea of keeping all furniture in white tones. Perfect addition to a crib was a changing table – that was design to fit on top of it. Until I started using it I thought that changing tables are useless. But oh man, how I was wrong – this thing was just great. Didn’t take any extra space in the room and provided comfortable position while changing the baby.
The dresser was purchased in Ikea and I couldn’t be happier with this choice. This, not too expensive but great quality furniture provided us with a great deal of storage. Using the trick of storing clothes vertically keeps all Maya’s cloths in perfect order. And trust me when I say (thanks to our great friends) this kid has much more clothes than she would ever need.
Oh I almost forgot. This dresser came with black knobs, which I didn’t like too much. Quick fix to it was spray-painting it, and now all was perfect. 
While at Ikea, we have purchased side table, bookshelf and bins for an extra storage space. To add little bit of soft character to those simple, square looking bins, I have made grey bows out of ribbon and attached them to it. It looked all better now. 
Last but not least in furniture department was the rocking chair. I was still missing some pink accents and thought it would be a great idea to get it in pink. I was surprised, how hard it was to find a rocker in a pink color. Finally we got one, it was little bit lighter color than I would like, but adding a darker pink pillow on it fixed its appearance.
I wanted big sticker tree on the wall for decorative purposes. I looked around to get one and I was surprised how expensive they were. I came up with much cheaper solution - painting it on the wall. Hah!!! Me and my ideas. I never painted on the wall before – but what the heck, better late than never. So I did it.
To add some more pink accents - windows treatment were hang. The bed sheets were bought in soft pale pink and pink elephant table lamp, bought long time on garage sale – was a great match too.Then, we added some family photos for personal touch. And the room was practically finished.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it has been two years since we did it. In that period of time there were only few additions made. We have purchased a carpet – now that Maya is spending lots of time on the ground, it is nice to have some soft surface for her. Also there was a storage hammock hung to hold her growing mountain of plush toys.
Other than that everything is as it was and we still love this little room as much as we did at the beginning. It provides a perfect calm environment for little Maya to play during a day and to rest during night hours.


08/08/2015 15:09

I'm your biggest fan! I can't believe what it looked like before- wow! Maybe you should start consulting- first stop- my house;)

29/09/2015 14:15

Caroline - I'm glad that you like it. I hope you can use some of my tips to create your perfect room :) Good luck on your project.

10/09/2015 12:49

I would not mind having this room to myself, except for the bed. May be tad too small:) Simply stunning.

29/09/2015 14:11

Thank you Agnes for your kind words.


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