I can’t believe that the summer is more than half way done already and we have to start getting ready for school. There is this long list of school supplies that have to be bought, on top of new clothes – as for some weird reason kids tend to speed up their growth during the summer and everything that they try on is suddenly too small.

I have decided to do back to school shopping much earlier this year. And I am so happy to announce that I am all done. This way I had some spare time to make something special (having school in mind) for Olivia. I am really hoping that this project will help her get more organized and thanks to that, more focused and successful in upcoming school year.

Very recently I have made a command center in my kitchen and I really like how much it helps to organize our family activities. I like it so much that I decided to make one for Olivia in her bedroom.
I started this project with creating a pretty chalk wall, which became my canvas for the rest of the project. 
Then I made a list of items that will go on top of it. First was a white board that was done while doing one of the previous projects. We have used part of Ikea easel board and then painted it white. You can purchase your white board online, for example this white board has a good price and reviews.
Next were white clipboards. Two of them. One with printable calendar so Olivia can keep track when and what is happening – like school projects, friends’ birthdays etc. I have used a calendar that comes with the clipboard and I really like it.

The second clipboard will be used for a chore chart. Yes I made her a chore chart. After so many repeats of: ‘’Olivia do this’’, ’’Olivia do that’’ ‘’Olivia did you do this yet’’ ‘’Olivia did you do that’’, I got tired of my own voice and stuff wasn’t even close to be done. I have read a lot articles, posts and blogs about how successful chore charts are so I have decided to give it a try. Couldn’t find the one that would match our needs so I have created this chore chart. After printing it I went to “Staples” and laminated it – this way Olivia can use dry eraser marker on it and also less paper will end up in recycle.

You can print this “chore chart” here: as is or here simply enter the chores that you would like your child or a teen to look after.
I was also tired of tripping on Olivia`s bag so I have decided to deal with it by adding a big hook on the wall that could keep weight of her backpack. Maybe now that it has its own designated spot it will end up there instead of in the middle of the passage way.  
The last piece, I am the most excited about, as it is one of ours little projects that came out better than I wanted :) I have found in a dollar store, these canvas boards, and purchased them originally to make a wall signs for my laundry room. Didn’t have time to get to that project yet but I am now using these boards for another purposes. My excitement about them grew even more when I discovered that they are magnetic. 
First we added a coat of a white paint. I have decided to make a bottom of it black to make illusion of this board to be shorter, to match the size of dry erase board (as you will see on the photo of finished project it worked) and then attached the mason jar to it. It is our second mason jar as a penholder creation made and a second success. Love them both.
When I made a decision where all the pieces should go – my husband made sure they are hung nicely, securely and first of all straightly – as he is much better at it than I am.
And here it is our next project accomplished. 
Now let’s hope it will served its planned purpose and help Olivia to get her hands on the art of organization. 



10/09/2015 13:24

Wow, this chalkboard wall is amazing. I like the idea of using clipboards, less mess all around.
Thank you for the free downloads, I helped myself to them.
Can not wait for your next post.

29/09/2015 14:07

Thank you Agnes - I'm glad that you enjoyed this post and I hope that you will also like upcoming ones.


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