It is the end of September and this means that school is in full bloom. This also means that we as parents will be bombarded every day with a ton of artwork made by our creative kids.
Not that long ago, I wrote a post about how to deal with piles of art on a daily basis.
Today I would like to look at kids’ art from a different perspective – I would like to show you a variety of ways to preserve favorite pieces of art that your children have created. 
But first of all - How to choose the favorite ones? I recently read an interesting blog entitled “Hands on as we grow”, and found a system that I really like and think would work great for my family. Here is a quote from that post describing it:

“A veteran mom … told me their system. She lets them pick one item to save each day. And at the end of the week, they pick one item from the week. And then again at the end of the month” 

Simply perfect! This way you end up with only 12 pieces of artwork a year instead of a full truck load of it :)
From this same article comes one of the ideas that I would like to show you today. Collage made out of child’s drawings.
Or you can get a hand-made softie based on a child’s painting.
(This idea is my favourite – hence two pictures below)
As well, you could make a book with all the best pieces.
  Putting together a puzzle made out of children’s art sounds like a lot of fun for the whole family. 
Maybe storing it all in an app like “Keepy” or ``Artkiveapp`` would be a perfect solution for some. 
What about a DIY project where you turn your kid’s art into a decorative tea towel.
Creating legit postal stamps with favourite paintings sounds like an awesome idea.
Can you imagine the smiles on your children faces when they see their art imprinted on their new lunch box?
Or supersize the favourite piece by printing it out on a canvas. 
Last but not least, an interesting concept is to make sterling silver pendent featuring kids drawing.
All of these ideas above can be perfect gifts because there is nothing better than receiving a handmade present, especially when that gift features the artwork of a special little one.

Which one of the above will end up on your list of gift ideas?


Grace M.
06/10/2015 13:34

Awesome ideas, now I know what to do with the pile of art that my boys brought after a year at daycare. thanks.

06/10/2015 14:07

I'm glad you like it.

30/10/2015 00:43

Wow! I personally love giving customize gifts because it makes them feel more special. I will definitely add the lunch box to my gift list for my niece this coming Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

30/10/2015 14:46

Thank you for your comment.
I'm sure your nice will love her new lunch box.

16/11/2015 11:40

Handmade present are the best!

30/01/2016 23:17

I really like and think would work great for my family.


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