Summer is over!!! Tan lines are fading and we are left with beautiful memories of long warm days. In our household, other than beautiful memories, we end up with big piles of physical evidence that the summer just ended. One of them is a mountain of shells collected during days at the beach, some rocks picked up while hiking and of course lots of sticks that were found during the camping days.
Unfortunately my children have a hard time to part with theirs precious summer treasures. Those items are beautiful and special on its own but when piled in a mountain, they lose their beauty.
Here are some ideas that I found on how to easily turn those summer treasures into beautiful decorative pieces. I like them because they bring back the glamour to those summer gems. Some of those ideas are a few minutes projects, others a great craft idea for long fall and winter evenings that are around the corner. Take a moment and indulge yourself in these creative ideas:
This seashell wreath looks so impressive and is a breeze to make.
What about covering a wooden letters with a seashell – it makes great wall decorative piece in any room especially a nursery.
Look at this great combination. Few glass vases and apothecary jars plus some shells and starfish and you have a perfect table centerpiece. 
A pile of wooden sticks can be transformed into this handsome seahorse.
And here is another idea for a seahorse – this time made out of shells.
“This ocean view shadow box is a perfect way to keep the memories alive.”
Gorgeous shell angels would make unique Christmas tree decorations.
And this ornament would make a perfect team with the shell angel above.
Did you ever thought about creating a zoo out of the shells?
To utilize some of the rocks that were collected I would recommend making some of these kind pretty pictures.
Rocks can also make a full pot of plants for which one you don’t need to have a green thumb.
Or simply put a beach in a jar like a pickle. 
Do a jar per vacation trip and label it with a date and beach location.
Oh! I almost forgot to share with you the piece that I already made using the seashells that were picked during one of the summer vacations. Currently this piece is a decoration at my friend's summer house. 
Which of one of these ideas is your favorite? 
Or maybe you have one even better than those, if yes please do share it with me in a comment section. I would really appreciate that as I am on a mission to use every single one of our summer treasures...



Heather B.
29/09/2015 12:03

Great ideas for those crazy amounts of shells from Florida. Thanks I will try the Ikea frames. Will get back to you to let you know how it went.

29/09/2015 14:03

Thank you Heather and good luck with your project.

29/09/2015 17:00

So many fantastic ideas. I absolutely love the painted rocks.

05/10/2015 15:26

Thank you Agnes. The painted rocks idea is one of my favorites too :)

06/10/2015 13:56

thanks for sharing my seahorse

06/10/2015 14:05

My pleasure.

06/10/2015 15:35

Fun ideas! Thank you so much for featuring my framed seashell seahorse. Say that three times:-)

06/10/2015 17:48

Thank you Betsy. I had hard time to say it even the first time :)


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