A few weeks ago I noticed a red leaf on the ground, a little sign that fall is on its way. Today the ground is covered with a blanket of colorful leaves. 

My cousin Kasia posted a photo on Facebook of a beautiful bouquet made out of maple leaves.
Turning colorful leaves into roses looked like an excellent idea and a challenge. The next day, while collecting leaves, I was wondering if I could do the same thing.
Luckily it turned out to be much easier than I thought. My bouquet of “roses” came out gorgeous. 
If you follow my step by step instructions to create a leafy bunch of roses you may end up with a stunning Thanksgiving decoration, an inexpensive fall centerpiece, or maybe if you are planning a fall wedding then you can create an original bridal bouquet.

You will need a bunch of small elastics (I bought them at a dollar store) and lots of colorful leaves – all of mine were maple leaves – I have learned that the bigger in size, the more easier they were to use. 
It is hard for me to explain in writing how to fold and put together leaves to create a single rose, so I decided to make a little movie for you.
Now that you know how to make one rose, make a bunch of them exactly the same way. 
My bouquet has 17 little roses in it, but you can make more or less depending on how big a bouquet you are planning to make.
Now it is time to put all of the flowers together. I used a few unfolded leaves to create a more interesting look. Small elastics came handy again to secure all the parts in the desired position.
This is it. 
I hope you have as much fun as I did while making it. 
Let me know how your bouquet turned out? Please post some of your pictures in the comments section to share your ideas.



26/01/2016 09:51

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23/02/2016 13:14

This is really awesome! Very creative. I remember this school project that we did in our Technology and Home Economics class, this is also making lovely flowers from colorful paper. This is really an inspiring activity in school, this improves students' creativity.

23/02/2016 14:02

Thank you, I'm super happy that you like it and took some time to write this comment.

20/02/2016 12:51

How great idea to convert the maple leaf into the colorful rose bouquet, in fall season the maple leaf you can use them to make these kind of crazy thing at home. There is quite interesting and wonderful tutorial here.

20/02/2016 13:36

I am so happy that you liked my tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and leaving this lovely comment.

02/03/2016 06:43

Nice Post.


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