Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you just like me and only getting into as we speak?
I realized some time ago that I did not care to go shopping the day or week before Christmas, only to grab whatever happens to be on sale. On top of that I really hate (I know “hate” is very strong word, but this is the best way to describe my emotional state about it) shopping in crowded places and getting those meaningless items that I wouldn’t even like to receive myself. Instead of enjoying the spirit and joy of holidays I would get overwhelmed and stressed.
Last year I put this simple plan into place to change it all.  What a difference! This year I’m going to repeat it, and thought you could benefit as well. 
1. Create a shopping list.
I have started with creating a Christmas shopping list (which I made available for print to make your life little bit easier).
 I filled it in with the names of those who I cannot forget during this season of giving. 
2. What would you like to get?
It is as simple as that - just ask this question and write dawn at least 3 items that they wish to receive or simply need. Why 3? First of all, you don’t want to get stuck searching for an item that is hard to find. Secondly, your recipient can be surprised not knowing which one of three you will get.
If you are looking for a gift for small children, I recommend asking their parents what this kid really needs.
Your shopping should be so much easier now that you know what you are looking for!
3. Start shopping.
To stay away from crowds I would recommend online shopping. Many of my friends swear by its comfort and safety. To be honest I am still in the process of learning but I think by the end of this Christmas season I will be a pro.

Good luck in your shopping adventures. 
I hope that you make everyone on your shopping list truly happy this year.

If you are looking for Ideas on how to wrap those bought items in unique but simple way, check out my post:
17 easy gift wrapping ideas that will “wow” everyone.



03/12/2015 13:16

Great tips. Thank you Margaret.


09/12/2015 18:23

You welcome Agnes, I hope those will help you.

23/02/2016 01:59

Your tips is useful for me.

23/02/2016 08:54

I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks for stopping by.


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