As a mom of two boys, I was asked to write this post to help others find that Amazing gift for a little boy.

We all know that every boy is unique and each day will be filled with new adventures.  One day our little ‘Big Heroes’ are into Dinosaurs, and other days into Pokémon’s, Lego, or Transformers. Some boys have preferences choosing only blue toys, and other boys like neon green. Some days are all about puzzles, where other days, boys will let their imaginations go free working on crafts, or building Lego cities.

When choosing the right gift for all ages, take into consideration safety by checking the box for the appropriate age.  Consider other children at home and their interests.  The educational value of the toy and its cost point is important too.  Ask for a gift receipt if giving the toy as a gift.  Generally, when choosing a toy, try to think of the ways it can engage them and develop their skills. 
Whenever we approach a birthday, holiday or Christmas in our house, our family and friends ask “What do you need for him?”, “What does he like?” – Which, are great questions that the parents should be prepared to answer. Maybe start making a list few weeks in advance, so you are not caught off guard, and you don’t end up with 20 new toys that, truly your kid didn’t need in the end.

Taking all of this under consideration here is our gift Wish List that might make your boy say “WOW!!!” on that special day, either Birthday, during Hanukkah, or under the sparkly traditional Christmas Tree:
Sport equipment – soccer ball, _baseball set, etc.
Any science sets are great – Camera, bug net, star constellations, telescope, watch, flashlight etc.
Now, depending on the interest of the little Explorer, here are some other ideas collected over the last 6 years with my boys. Some of these like Lego or PlayMobile come in different themes like Star Wars, Chima, Ninja, Super Heroes, etc.:
It’s still not too late to get that great toy, aspecialy with Amazon’s home delivery. So please visit the links above for further information or try to find them at your nearest toy store.


19/12/2015 10:35

Absolutely brilliant idea, dear MiniOwls

19/12/2015 12:44

Ewa, thank you for your comment. We are glad that you like this post. Hopefully this will help someone to choose the perfect gift.
Have a Merry Christmas.


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