I believe that a “calendar” is the most important tool when it comes to organizing. And what could be better than free printable version of it.

Even though there is plenty of printable calendars online, it looks like mine 2015, vertical version of it, was very popular among you guys so I have decided to make another one for this upcoming year.

Once again I kept it in black and white tones so it will be easy on the printer ink. 

If you’re looking for a pretty but simple printable calendar for 2016 then this one is for you!

Simply click the photo below & download it!


20/01/2016 11:57

Very cute! Will be printing it out soon!

20/01/2016 21:48

Thank you for your comment, it makes me very happy that you are planning to print it out.

31/01/2016 08:00

When it comes to organizing. And what could be better than free printable version of it.

18/02/2016 14:21

Can't print it after clicking on the photo as you instructed.

18/02/2016 14:35

Hi Yvonne, I just checked and this link works just fine. when you click on the photo then pdf document should open and then you should be able to print it. If you have an issue please write to me at: contact@miniowls.com and I will be more than happy to send it to you by email. Hope this helps.

15/03/2016 04:59

I like the calendars that you have posted in this blog which looks beautiful. I am looking for the best calendars like this and I am glad to find this post. I appreciate the work of designing this calendar. I want to download it immediately.

15/03/2016 11:23

Thank you for stopping by and posting such a nice comment :)


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