I love the new styles of crystal chandeliers. They definitely add a glamour to every space; unfortunately they come with big price tag. 
My dining room light fixture has seen better times, even though it has nice crystals hanging of it. Its outdated 80’s gold tones definitely needed some good TLC.
As you probably already know about me, I will do everything I can to see if I can solve an issue without spending big bucks.

And what better way than spray-painting it…

Yes, yes I did it again. I used a spray paint to refresh this old item and made it brand spanking new again.

Before we took it off the ceiling we removed all the crystals to prevent them from braking.
I did not realize how many of crystals there was until they were placed on the table. 
To change the crystals’ wires, from gold to black, I used black jewelry pins purchased on Amazon and my many years of experience in the jewelry making business. I have to admit that, even with my knowledge, this task seemed never-ending and the crystals seemed to be multiplying. 
Then the chandeliers was taken off the ceiling and disassembled into many pieces.  Each component was dusted off and then lightly polished with a metal polishing pad (or Scouring Pad). This will help to make the new paint stick better to the chandelier and prevent chipping in the future.
Then it was the time for painting. We used mat black “Rustoleum – ultra cover” paint. There was 2 coats of paint needed with a day of drying in between. 
Putting the pieces together was definitely more challenging than taking them apart. But we managed :)

First we hung the chandelier – added brand new light bulbs, turned a switch and the light was back :)
The last thing to do, was to add the crystals back… hundreds of them. 

The whole project cost me only $30:

Spray paint - $ 6.47

50 mm jewelry head pins (package of 50) – $3.50 x 5

The pad for polishing - $ 7.90

And approximately 3 hours of labor time.

But…. as you can see the end result it was well worth it.


19/02/2016 15:43

What an amazing transformation!


19/02/2016 21:01

Thank you for your comment Agnes. I'm glad that you liked it.


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