If you took one look at my dining room table and chairs, you would know what I meant when I said “It’s time to do something about it”. Its color, all the scratches and discoloration were a great proof that this table had seen better times.
Because it is made out of great quality wood and with high class craftsmanship we decided to give it a second chance, some “tender love and care” and bring it back to life.
The plan was simple. We had to remove old varnish and then sand of layers of this old cherry stain.
There was lots of sanding involved. We used Dewalt sanding machine and Dremell. We used several grades of sandpaper in the grit range of 60 to 220.
 We thought we were almost ready … but we forgot about the leg. So my hubby got back to dirty work.
Then was time to put new color on. We used Minwax 211698 Finish Wood Expresso oil stain and applied first coat with soft cloth. 
I was so excited when natural growth rings started to show.  
After the first application of stain we let it dry for 24 hours. Then we sanded it lightly with 220 grit sand paper, applied a second coat of stain and let it dry for another 24 hours.
To develop a more natural look and strengthen the growth rings even more, we used very fine (220 grit) sandpaper to clean off excess stain and polish the table.
And that was it. 
Before I reveal my new creation, here once more is an old version of my dining room table.
And finally here it is my new and improved one:
Isn’t it lovely? 
I have to admit that this was the longest, most time consuming project in our house, which we have done so far. I expected it would take few days the most. Oh! How I was so wrong. With our busy schedules and very little time that we could dedicate to it, it took us almost two months to complete. But now that the table is finally back in its place I am so glad that we gave it a second chance.

I hope you enjoyed the ride.
Oh my goodness!!! I just realized that now we need to refurbish the chairs to match this beautiful table. I’m scared already to think how long this project will take???


19/03/2016 05:31

This wooden refresh looks awesome and quality education is what almost every parent is looking while looking for a school to enrole a child.

01/06/2016 02:35

To buy a new table will cost be costly for some people. It's a nice idea that you gave something like this to let people know that they could reuse their old tables to cut expenses. The instruction you gave is truly amazing the table as shown in the picture was like a newly bought table. Yeah, it looks naturally beautiful because of its design. Yes, it looks really lovely, thanks for showing your spectacular craft.

01/06/2016 09:17

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I'm glad that you found this post interesting.

29/09/2016 08:10

This is really amazing! It amazes me how you have transformed it into a lovely one. I wish I could do the same with my furniture in our house. This would really make my mother happy. Anyway, I would like to commend how you have transformed it into this one without even spending to much money. And I am really grateful that you have shared this, at least I was able to get some ideas for some future purposes.

13/04/2016 13:13

Some wood, such as walnut and oak, look excellent with just a memory over the simple timber. If you do want to dirt it, then obtain a excellent oil centered dirt such as Minwax and implement a cover with a sweep used for oil paints/stains.

30/05/2016 15:35

Dianne, thank you for such a great tip. I will have to try that out.

16/04/2016 12:09

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07/06/2016 06:39

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