We already wrote a post with “21 ways of having Halloween fun with 'bun in the oven'...”, we also wrote a blog about “Homemade Halloween costumes for kids”. And now we would like to help out all new mamas out there (CONGRATS by the way!).
We know that your bundle of joy has changed your life drastically. We understand that you have not slept well for a while, and your house is a spooky mess. Without a costume on, you probably scare your neighbors on daily basis. Don’t use these reasons as an excuse to skip this year’s Halloween Party. Take a look at these ideas as they will give you some inspiration and energy to use your little one as the perfect costume prop and to join your friend’s Halloween fun.
Pokemon team
Little chick
Spider web
Winnie the Pooh 
Adams family
Wizard of Oz
Peter Pan
Flower in the pat
Baby Rapunzel 
Elliot and ET


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