Now that you are pregnant, (CONGRATS!) it does not mean that your Halloween Parties are over. There are tons of fun and creative ideas that you can use and your belly will be the center of attention.
Here are some ideas we have found that can help you come up with a Halloween Costume that will have everyone talking about your ‘bun in the oven’. Most ideas are DIY fast and easy projects that you can prep with very few props.
We hope that you will enjoy these. PLEASE send  your PICTURES to,  as we are very interested to see what you came up with. 
1. The naughty cat. 
by MiniOwls
2. Bubble gum dispenser. 
3. Pysankas / Easter Egg 
4. My superhero!
5. X-ray.
6. Redneck.
7. Fortuneteller.
8. Cow.
9. Mummy in making.
10. Monster Ink.
11. Octomom.
12. We are nesting...
13. Get me out of here.
14. I'm dressed up as my mom. 
15. Mother earth. 
16. Not sure what but cool.
17. Olaf.
18. Skull.
19. Energizer bunny.
20. The witch. 
21. Pumpkin lantern


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