Easter Season is another time of the year to show off your artsy skills or try something new to make your home even prettier. But what to do, if you are not very artsy-crafty?
I have a very easy, fast and inexpensive way to create beautiful Easter Eggs that will fill up your basket in no time.
All you need are: colorful napkins, eggs (hard boiled or blown egg), egg white to use as glue, brush, egg holders (or shot glasses), basket and a cup of your favorite coffee to enjoy during this craft.
Now just follow Steps 1 to 4:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Repeat these 4 easy steps on each egg and let them dry, preferably overnight. 
This technique is easy enough for kids, or those less creative of us. You can choose napkins that will fit your decor, or your Easter table.  As a drying stand I used shot glasses, but you can use egg holders or anything else that shape.
Now your Easter table will be that much more beautiful, elegant and interesting. 


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