Lunar New Year is also called the Spring Festival as a way to welcome the coming spring.  Traditionally there are flower markets in many Asian cities that of course sell flowers and other Chinese New Year goodies.  The cherry blossom arrives in early spring and so many Asian homes will have them during this time.  
Here’s some ideas of how to make cherry blossoms ranging from easy to more elaborate ones!
Idea 1: Great for young children.Trace their hand or yours on a brown piece of construction paper and cut it out.  Lay it onto a blue background for sky.  Then using a cotton swab and pink and white paints, dab dots all over. Keep it simpler by using washable paint and just the pads of their fingers!   
Idea 2: Have a soda bottle lying in the recycling bin?  Simple draw the shape of a branch and dip the end in some pink paint and put it by the branches.  Some ways to vary it is to use small size soda bottles with the five point and also different tones of pink.
Idea 3: Take the cherry blossom tree up a level by adding texture.  Draw/paint the branches of a cherry blossom tree, and cut small squares of tissue paper.  Scrunch the tissue paper around the blunt end of the pencil, dip it in glue and stamp it around the branches.  Losing patience?  Simple scrunch up small pieces of tissue paper and glue them onto the painting.  
Looking for a more intricate challenge?

Idea 4: Find a nice looking tree branch and tie several stacked pieces of tissue paper together to create even more textured blossoms. Tie them onto the tree.  


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